About Us

Ruralink Broadband is an innovative, solutions-driven company building wireless broadband networks in rural and underserved areas of North America, specifically the 55 million people with inadequate or no Internet in the U.S. 

Planned Ruralink Network Coverage for Crockett, Texas

The regional coverage of the 24 planned transmission sites in Crockett will provide high speed internet service to the region. 

Ruralink Advantage

Microsoft Partnership

Participation with the Microsoft Airband initiative, Ruralink shares in Microsoft's mission to make affordable broadband access for unserved and underserved.

Accomplished Management

Senior Leaders in Telco industry. Everyone knows how to build and deliver high-performing technology companies.  Ruralink Broadband Inc. partners with Synthesis Cloud Inc. to deliver multicasting technology to serve underserved areas with highspeed broadband.