Terms & Conditions 

Thank you for choosing Ruralink Broadband for your internet service.  Our service, the Ruralink Broadband Internet Service (the Service), is offered through our proprietary network.  We strive to offer internet speeds in excess of the Federal Communications Commission’s definition of broadband internet - 25 Mbps download/ 3 Mbps upload.  The Service is available only through Ruralink Broadband and our affiliates.

Ruralink Broadband offers a variety of service options for business and residential uses.  You may make a selection for the service option the best suits your needs from our website.  The service options you choose will determine the monthly rate you pay to us.  Choosing your service options obligates you to the following terms;

       You agree to pay the monthly rate associated with your service options using a credit card

       Your account will be billed and we will collect payment on the day following installation of your Service (payment due date) and continue to be automatically billed each month you have service from us

       Any account not paid in full within ten days after the payment due date will be subject to suspension of service

       Reconnecting service due to a suspension for lack of payment will require an advance payment of $100.00 and any past due amount

       All federal, state, local, excise, sales and any other taxes due and payable to your jurisdiction will appear as charges on your monthly billing and be collected by us

       You agree to pay the installation and equipment fees associated with your service options

       You agree to allow our field team to enter your premises for the express purpose of either installing or maintaining your service

       You are under no obligation continue the service other than on a month-to-month basis

       Termination of service requires written notification to our customer service department through our website before we can suspend charges to your credit card

       In the event you terminate the service, we will discontinue collecting the monthly service fee from you

       Upon termination of service, we may ask you to return the equipment we provided to you when your service was installed

       By continuing the service you agree to maintain the payment method you chose to remit payment to us or contact us to arrange a different form of payment

You may change the service options from those which were initially installed prior to the end of any billing period.  Your monthly rate will be adjusted in accordance with the rate associated with the new service options you’ve chosen.  We are under no obligation to provide you with any of our service options unless we are able to provide those services at your location.

Ruralink Broadband Internet Service is provided on a Best Effort basis.  We will strive to maintain the highest quality service and uptime on our network. Our network is subject to outages due to circumstances beyond our control such as adverse weather and power outages.  We will take every step to resolve all service issues as quickly as we can.  If you do experience problems with the service you can contact Customer Support through our website or through our customer service phone number 888-903-8877.

The service is provided only within the geographical boundaries of our network’s reach.    You may or may not experience the full network speed at all times depending on your location, the weather conditions, or the network load at any given time of day.


Providing the service requires that we have your permission to install our equipment on your premises which includes our standard installation package consisting of a small network adapter box, a 12” by 12” antenna plus mounting hardware, access to power for the equipment and a cable to connect the indoor and outdoor equipment together.  Equipment packages may vary depending on your location, the type of service we're installing for you and the type of building where we're installing our equipment.


If you terminate our service, you agree to return our equipment in the condition in which it was installed.  You will allow us to enter your premise to remove all of our equipment at the end of the period.  We will coordinate an appointment with you to remove the equipment during normal working hours.


Neither Ruralink Broadband nor its parent, affiliates, successors or assigns or any other third party provider or any other person or entity involved in providing the service nor it or their respective officers, directors, members, agents, or employees shall ever be liable for any other direct, indirect, special, consequential, actual, multiple or exemplary damages or losses of any nature related to or arising out of this agreement or the service to be provided, including, without limitation, loss of profits or revenue, loss of use, or the cost of replacement service and regardless of whether such damages are incurred because of breach of the agreement, breach of warranty, tort (including negligence), statutory or otherwise. Additionally, no member of Ruralink Broadband shall ever be liable in any event or circumstance for damages related to or arising out of the sale of the service in excess of the amounts paid by you to Ruralink Broadband for such service


By completing (signing and dating) the Service Agreement, you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement.  Once we have your completed Service Agreement we will reach out to you to schedule your installation and initiate your service. If you are not within our service area, you agree to allow us to contact you in the future to offer you the Service if and when it becomes available.  If we can’t offer you service at the time of your application, we may be able to offer you service in the future.